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  1. Cracking link for old Southport photo's
    Started by Delbertious 14/10/2014

    Some cracking old photo's of Southport dating from the late 1800's. ocations/southport/photos

    • 1
    17/10/2014 08:29 AM
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  2. Underground Nevill Street
    Started by HistoryMB 16/04/2002

    Probably a lot of you have heard about the street underneath Neville Street. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it. When was the Old Neville Street built over? Why exactly did they build over (heard it was something to do with the sea), Why do they not open it up as a tourist...

    • 201
    10/10/2014 10:24 AM
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  3. Cyclone death
    Started by ZEUS 19/01/2007

    This is a bit gory I know but I just wanted to know if anyone remembers the death of a young lad on the cyclone in the late 70's/early 80s? I can remember being in the sea bathing lake on that day and hearing the old sirens of police cars and ambulances nearby. It wasn't until I got home and...

    • 17
    04/10/2014 10:41 PM
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  4. Where is this......
    Started by maisie 19/09/2014

    I do know :)

    • 4
    21/09/2014 04:41 PM
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  5. wreck of the Pegu off Formby point
    Started by Mike R 15/02/2009

    just scanned some old pictures I had of a trip out to the wreck ... the wreck lies about a mile out from Formby point , its right on the low spring tide point and its under water most of the year ..

    • 14
    01/09/2014 12:02 AM
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  6. Stanley v Meolscop at Haigh Ave
    Started by rickwelch 01/02/2007

    I have attached a photo taken at Haigh Ave I thiink in 1965?? It was Stanley sec school v Meolscop school, I played in goal for Stanley & I think the score was 4 - 1 to Meolscop but I am sure someone will tell me if it was different. Stanley line up I think was Back row: Tony Aspinall, John...

    • 35
    27/08/2014 11:44 PM
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  7. William James Magee
    Started by magee4 20/08/2014

    Hello, I am interested in speaking to anyone who knows of a William James Magee, my great grandfather. I do not know much about him, he was born in Belfast and i know he died in Southport in 1975. He's a bit of a mystery in my family. I don't know if he re married, had more children... I do...

    • 1
    20/08/2014 11:02 PM
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  8. Turner's Chip Shop, Tulketh Street.
    Started by Lanky 29/07/2009

    Does anyone remember Turner's chippy in Tulketh Street? I half remember something special about the wall tiles in there. Can anyone refresh my memory, or even have a photo of those tiles? Lanky

    • 10
    18/08/2014 09:15 AM
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  9. southport beach
    Started by berty1 15/07/2014

    does anybody remember the whale washed up on ainsdale beach in the late fifties or earley sixties would like to see any photos

    • 3
    08/08/2014 10:41 AM
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  10. Brockhouse Corgi scooter
    Started by CorgiKing 25/01/2005

    Does anyone have memories of the Brockhouse Engineering (Southport) Ltd factory at Crossens during the early post-war years when the Corgi scooter and Indian brave motorcycle were manufactured.

    • 47
    21/07/2014 11:11 PM
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  11. Railex
    Started by seivad 08/10/2002

    Another SGB member, Sue Ellen, sent me this picture she found of the staff at Railex. I worked there from 1962 to around 1968. Not sure when this picture would have been taken, but it was taken at Cross Street and I am on it (hiding as usual!). Does anyone recognise anybody on the picture?

    • 50
    18/07/2014 11:11 PM
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  12. trinity hall school
    Started by Ken B 05/12/2004

    someone help me out here please, i have gone into google search & the only references i can find of trinity hall school refers to trafalgar rd birkdale, & yet in my own mind i can recal a school in duke st that was called trinity hall, am i losing it ?..g'day from oz..

    • 28
    08/07/2014 11:42 AM
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  13. Tower House, Ainsdale
    Started by Davelooksback 16/06/2014

    Does anybody here know the precise address of this building. Does it still exist today? Thanks!

    • 5
    28/06/2014 07:16 PM
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  14. Wintersdorf Girls School, Birkdale
    Started by Davelooksback 13/06/2014

    This private school was located in Trafalgar Road I believe. Does anybody know the years it was in operation as a school and also whether the building is still there? I attach an old photo of it - looks a fine building. My great-grandma was a pupil in the 1880s I think. Thanks! Dave

    • 3
    20/06/2014 02:59 PM
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  15. Gainsborough Road in Birkdale - pre-war photos
    Started by Davelooksback 11/06/2014

    Hello everyone! This is my very first post. I just wanted to ask if anyone here knows where I could find photos of Gainsborough Road, Birkdale as it looked before WW2? Originally there used to be three massive houses on this beautiful road, now long demolished although one can see some...

    • 2
    13/06/2014 07:41 AM
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  16. Kevin Fogarty Guitarist With The Teenbeats 1960's
    Started by flamingo 15/12/2010

    I was very sad to read in the Midweek Visiter that Kevin has died. Of late he lived in Florida . In the 1960's he played in the group the Teenbeats at the local (Southport) church dances and other venues. I danced the night away many a time, with my pal Myrtle. I remember going to the Floral...

    • 11
    11/06/2014 09:18 AM
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  17. The Grange Hospital 1st World War
    Started by semah 08/02/2012

    I have dozens of Photographs of the St John VAD Hospital that was situated at 'The Grange' in Southport. They show pictures of the buildings, wards, patients and staff. I have attached a couple for those interested. Where would be an appropriate home for these Photo's?

    • 19
    22/05/2014 01:05 PM
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  18. St Simons Cricket Team, Late 1950s
    Started by TomofShank 27/01/2014

    With any luck, I've attached a photograph. Have I got the names right? Charlie Moore, Stan Rimmer, Bill Cooke, Jack Howard, Max Davies, Tom Wright, Brian Lee. Keith Mason, Paul Goldstraw, Frank Simm, John Fairhurst (captain) Rev. Jim Hamilton, Joe Porter, Norman Wright. Dennis Hall (scorer)

    • 7
    18/05/2014 04:53 PM
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  19. Southport bus recovery truck
    Started by peter88 11/01/2006

    Hi A friend of mine is restoring the AEC Matador recovery truck that used to belong to Southport corporation transport.It started life as a WW2 army truck and was bought by the transport dept in 1950 and converted at the bus garage.It lasted till 1982 when it was sold to a caravan site in...

    • 31
    10/05/2014 05:30 PM
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  20. St Luke's School Formby Photo 1936c
    Started by FCS 06/05/2014

    This school photo of the pupils of St Luke's School Jubilee Rd Formby in about 1936 has been donated to the Formby Civic Society by Hazel Wolfe. Her brother Arthur is on the back row 2nd left. Hazel's parents moved to Formby in 1934 and ran the newsagents in Queens Road. A few of her memories...

    • 0
    06/05/2014 08:35 PM
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  21. Mr Smith. Linaker St School Teacher
    Started by no66y 09/06/2007

    Does anyone remember Mr Smith, a teacher at Linaker St Jnr school way back in the mid 1970's? If you had him as a teacher, you'd remember him :)

    • 32
    05/05/2014 08:25 PM
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  22. From the mid 1980ís Gordon Roberts began recording the prehistoric imprints appearing in the mud along the foreshore at Formby. This turned out to last for over a quarter of a century and has extended the history of Formby back from the supposed Viking origins to at least the seventh millennium BC...

    • 0
    30/04/2014 05:32 PM
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  23. George Bromilow
    Started by Ken B 27/11/2005

    it is with deep sadness that i learned of the demise of George, he was a lovely man & will be remembered among other things as one of the best amateur footballers Southport has ever produced,i had the pleasure of playing in the same team as George in the middle forties, Leyland road juniors &...

    • 6
    29/04/2014 10:18 PM
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  24. Vintage Film of Southport
    Started by Hattrickpatrick 29/04/2014

    There are some interesting vintage clips of Southport in this recently published film on YouTube. It includes shots of Ainsdale Beach, the Sea Bathing Lake, Pleasureland, the Lakeside Miniature Railway, Hesketh Park and Lord Street, some dating back as far as the 1930s. ...

    • 1
    29/04/2014 09:08 PM
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  25. Vanished Businesses Of Southport
    Started by flyp 01/08/2002

    Phil Mitchell's mention of Weatherby's bakery brought to mind other trade names that were familiar years ago - what are your memories of them and what happened to them??? For example, do you remember: Coultons, Seymour Meads, White Hudsons, Redmans, Moores Market, Blowers supermarket, ...

    • 351
    26/04/2014 09:22 AM
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  26. Benny Hardwick.
    Started by Volvo 22/04/2014

    Anyone remeber Benny Hardwick the king of Albert Road ?:rolleyes:

    • 0
    22/04/2014 08:50 AM
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  27. hollands toffee works
    Started by Ken B 10/05/2004

    who can remember the hollands factory in virginia st?, i worked there as a long distance driver in 1952, they had a fleet of bedford trucks, & had to paint them in all different colours because they were known to police forces all over england, scotland & wales as hell drivers. the problem with the...

    • 37
    21/04/2014 10:35 PM
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  28. wall of death 1955
    Started by pops 20/10/2005

    sat in spanish class and we had to explain our hobbies and past times in spanish of course and to my amazement the lady next to me rode the wall of death in 1955 at southport fair with a guy named Jackie Dernon she was 18 at the time and when asked had she any photos she had none to memory...

    • 13
    15/04/2014 09:04 AM
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  29. 'Moulin Rouge' Ainsdale
    Started by onthespot 10/02/2004

    Pictured below is the old 'Moulin Rouge' Ainsdale, now the Toby Inn. Any memories?

    • 210
    11/04/2014 09:09 AM
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  30. St Johns Ainsdale
    Started by Daver 10/04/2014

    Can anyone put any names to this photo? It was taken somewhere around 1952/53

    • 1
    10/04/2014 10:11 PM
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  31. Norwood Road 1951/52
    Started by JohnH 12/09/2007

    Not sure of the exact year of this picture. Found it while going through my mums old photos.

    • 63
    10/04/2014 04:52 PM
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  32. General & Sports Motorcycles
    Started by Bonaire Bondy 29/09/2005

    Anyone remember General & Sports motorcycles. It was down Hill Street. The showroom was on a parade of shops that stood where Sainsburys car park is now and the workshop was opposite Rimmers Garage where the lawnmower shop is now. It was a Suzuki main agent. I was there in 1980/81 when the X7 had...

    • 3
    09/04/2014 02:51 PM
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  33. Walter ? Highpark Area
    Started by choppersex 29/11/2009

    Does anyone recall Walter,he was often seen around Highpark many years ago,who was he,were was he from. He is pictured with my gran but she never mentioned him.

    • 5
    09/04/2014 02:41 PM
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  34. Coultons Bakery
    Started by passback 30/10/2007

    How many of you remember Coultons bakery on the corner of Duke Street and Shakespeare Street. At one point there must have been around 250 people working there in its heyday. I worked there as a driver for around 6 years and was there when it closed in 1973. Along with a few other drivers I was...

    • 98
    02/04/2014 10:55 PM
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  35. John Riding & The Sea Egg
    Started by flyp 28/01/2010

    I remember seeing John exhibiting his Sea Egg at the Drill Hall sometime around 1970. I think he was from Southport - does anyone have any further information about him? This link gives a few details about his crossings of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and his subsequent disappearance. ...

    • 7
    10/03/2014 04:21 PM
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  36. The Last Day Of Lord St Station
    Started by Sgt Wilson 06/11/2010

    From the Southport Visiter Tuesday Jan 8th 1952 Southport has finally lost one of it's railway stations. During it's 68 years of existance, Lord St Station has acted as a gateway to Southport for hundreds of thousands of visitors. But the last ticket has been collected, and the gateway is closed...

    • 105
    09/03/2014 06:51 PM
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