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  1. Barbers we have known
    Started by blowick 12/07/2007

    I don't recall a thread about barbers, so here goes . . . When I was little my mother used to take me to Rimmers in London Street, but when I was old enough to go by myself I went for years to Harold Holden on the corner of Sussex Road and Norwood Road. Later I became a patron of Horace Beecham...

    • 75
    16/03/2015 04:04 AM
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  2. Stanley school
    Started by blackstypejag 13/03/2015

    Colin Speight here left Stanley in 1969 worked for Sefton for 34 years took the early bath now living in North Northumberland. Any body still surviving?

    • 1
    15/03/2015 12:15 AM
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  3. Birkdale ales
    Started by Blue star 18/02/2008 /pics/Watermarked/Chapel%20hou se.jpg I came across this picture on the skem heritage site. Was There a brewery in Birkdale many years ago?.

    • 5
    07/03/2015 03:41 PM
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  4. In this article from Building News (August 1907), it describes the construction of a new house in Birkdale. Nothing really remarkable about that, until you realise it is a house designed by the man responsible for most of the beautiful cinemas that once adorned Lord Street and the iconic Royal...

    • 10
    06/03/2015 04:33 PM
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  5. English cricket?????????
    Started by ausard2 20/02/2015

    So here we go again , what a waste of probably £500,000 give or take. Well at least you get 6 weeks holiday and doesn't matter if you win or loose you"ll still have nice time. Please wipe out team and select a whole new squad and get shut of the old school tie c....

    • 2
    21/02/2015 08:52 AM
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  6. An Account Of Life In Blowick pre- WW2
    Started by flyp 06/09/2002

    I found this account of life in Blowick in the 1930s & 40s by a gentleman called Anthony Baker who now lives in Australia. It contains a few inaccuracies (eg - Blackpool being on the other side of Morecambe Bay) but makes interesting references to local shops & the gas works. Click on the...

    • 33
    17/02/2015 06:47 PM
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  7. Little London Lane
    Started by less 14/02/2015

    Hi Was Little London Lane what we now would call Sussex Road? What year where the houses built? See attachment for map which make me believe that, Kensington road is maybe the road along the railway line.

    • 6
    15/02/2015 07:55 PM
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  8. Paddling pool
    Started by one arm bandit 20/12/2006

    Does anyone remember in the 80's (and maybe before) there was a paddling pool for kids somewhere round Princess park. I'm sure it was near the sea bathing lake and the boating lake, I can picture it vaguely but I'm trying to place it!

    • 19
    15/02/2015 01:10 AM
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  9. Marshside Estate (Seaton Way etc)
    Started by Nizical99 09/02/2015

    I was wondering if anyone had any old pictures or sources online for information of the Marshside estate, especially at the time of it's construction. I've searched all over the web for so long and never found anything on it. By the Marshside estate, I'm talking about the area around Seaton Way,...

    • 2
    10/02/2015 11:36 AM
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  10. Coultons Bakery
    Started by passback 30/10/2007

    How many of you remember Coultons bakery on the corner of Duke Street and Shakespeare Street. At one point there must have been around 250 people working there in its heyday. I worked there as a driver for around 6 years and was there when it closed in 1973. Along with a few other drivers I was...

    • 99
    28/01/2015 12:27 AM
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  11. hollands toffee works
    Started by Ken B 10/05/2004

    who can remember the hollands factory in virginia st?, i worked there as a long distance driver in 1952, they had a fleet of bedford trucks, & had to paint them in all different colours because they were known to police forces all over england, scotland & wales as hell drivers. the problem with the...

    • 38
    22/01/2015 02:22 PM
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  12. Has Anyone Noticed This Red Box ?
    Started by tonyB 18/01/2015

    This electricity box on the Promenade is almost identical to ones located in School Lane and Barkfield Lane Formby. Does anyone know if they controlled the street lighting and when they were installed. Pictures of the Formby boxes and more information can be found HERE

    • 0
    18/01/2015 12:30 AM
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  13. Doormen
    Started by -TR- 01/12/2002

    where are all the old doormen of days gone bye,like who remebers jimmy kelly from the brick etc wheres he know i do know he went to run a pub in burscough but that was about 20 yrs ago thats the last time i saw him.also george dakar i think he died??and sam is he still working the doors,and les...

    • 87
    16/01/2015 12:06 AM
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  14. Goodbye to Vulcan Motor Works / Brockhouse / Phillips
    Started by The Dark Horse 07/01/2015

    It won't be the same without the old factory.

    • 1
    15/01/2015 08:59 AM
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  15. Churchtown Library Demolition
    Started by The Dark Horse 07/01/2015

    Here is the rapid removal of Churchtown Library. The lighter bits of wood on the building frame are previous / historic repairs to the rotten timber.

    • 2
    08/01/2015 10:58 PM
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  16. Film of Sefton and Southport over the past 100 years
    Started by tonyB 08/01/2015

    Thought some of you would be interested in this Press Release made today :- The North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University is pleased to announce ‘Sefton and Southport on Screen’, a part of its programme to make this fascinating collection available to the public of the North...

    • 0
    08/01/2015 07:33 PM
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  17. Memories of the Kingsway Club
    Started by flyp 07/09/2010

    As it was destroyed by fire overnight, this seems a good moment to gather together memories of the Kingsway Club - so let's have them......

    • 34
    07/01/2015 11:02 PM
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  18. Southport open air swimming pool
    Started by Nell 29/06/2002

    Have any members photos of the open air swimming pool? I used to love going there years ago, would love to see how it was, get digging for your photos please. Nell :D

    • 11
    01/01/2015 12:14 PM
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  19. Bedford Park
    Started by Babe 20/08/2003

    As i have just moved quiet close to the park, i was wondering has the park always been a park??? Does anyone know any history on it??

    • 20
    31/12/2014 11:10 PM
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  20. Doll factory Tulketh Street
    Started by llerdiggrew 10/07/2005

    anyone worked there in 1963

    • 30
    31/12/2014 10:48 PM
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  21. Anyone have fond memories of Southport Chewits and Pleasureland?
    Started by Charlotte-Film 10/11/2006

    Hello Everyone. Im an assistant producer/researcher working at an independant film company in London (Special Edition Films)and I am looking for people to be be interviewed for a documentary we are making on nostaligia and places which have a very British brand name sadly closing down around the...

    • 1
    31/12/2014 09:01 PM
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  22. Southport Lollypopmen and women
    Started by Kopite77 24/07/2007

    I was thinking about this the other day and was wondering what memories people have of their school lollypop man or lady. I went to Farnbrough Road in the early eighties, and have memories of a lady who i think was called Jean who worked on the Liverpool Road entrance side, - she was a very...

    • 21
    31/12/2014 08:45 PM
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  23. Tracing Norman Ralph born 1933
    Started by anna83 31/12/2014

    Hi im trying to trace a Norman Ralph in Southport, born 1933. We are not sure if he is still alive as his sister went to live in NewZealand and lost contact. He married a woman called Angela M Fielding and had 2 sons called David Ralph (born 1961) and Colin J Ralph (born 1965) as far as i know...

    • 0
    31/12/2014 08:38 PM
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  24. Look what I've found!
    Started by Mortis 15/05/2005

    Digging around and found this - a complete directory of all adresses in Southport for 1951. It holds the names addresses occupations and tel No of everybody in Southport/Banks/Freshfield/For mby at that time. Anybody want me to check some - If you are unsure of me posting the details I can...

    • 90
    31/12/2014 08:16 PM
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  25. Meols Cop Early 60's
    Started by shannor 18/01/2009

    Did anyone go to Meols Cop School in the early 60's, trying to trace Mark Drinkwater for a friend. He would have left about 1964 and be 59 - 60 yr old now.

    • 10
    31/12/2014 07:00 PM
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  26. Wright Family Gathering 1950's Marshside
    Started by All Rounder 10/02/2006

    This photo has been donated by Tony Rimmer ;) Taken in approx 1957/58 at Marshside Church Hall

    • 16
    12/12/2014 07:20 PM
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  27. Tom Coulter
    Started by Ken B 19/09/2005

    does anyone know what happened to Tom? as teenagers we grew up together in Linaker st until Tom joined the R.A.F & when he was demobbed he had become a hairdresser & at one time had two ladies salons in the town, one in eastbank st & another one in leicester st, the last time i saw him he had a...

    • 29
    23/11/2014 08:22 PM
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  28. Norwood Road 1951/52
    Started by JohnH 12/09/2007

    Not sure of the exact year of this picture. Found it while going through my mums old photos.

    • 65
    11/11/2014 10:58 AM
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  29. old lord street shops
    Started by Ken B 27/11/2005

    i can remember a few of the shops that were on Lord street many years ago, but have forgotten the names of a lot of them,here are the ones i remember, Sissons, Matti & Tissots, Marshall & Snelgroves,Kardomah,Alexanders ,Fletchers, & Kay & Foley, can't remember any more.

    • 155
    07/11/2014 11:03 AM
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  30. Victoria Brewery Birkdale
    Started by Markone 03/06/2009

    A couple of years back we were refurbishing the old staff quarters at the Royal Clifton hotel and I came across this bottle in the roof space. It is a bottle of Burdock and Dandelion from W.H.Webbs Victoria Brewery Birkdale. I just wondered if anyone was familiar with the name or remembers anything...

    • 16
    05/11/2014 11:34 PM
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  31. Cyclone death
    Started by ZEUS 19/01/2007

    This is a bit gory I know but I just wanted to know if anyone remembers the death of a young lad on the cyclone in the late 70's/early 80s? I can remember being in the sea bathing lake on that day and hearing the old sirens of police cars and ambulances nearby. It wasn't until I got home and...

    • 18
    30/10/2014 03:55 PM
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  32. Underground Nevill Street
    Started by HistoryMB 16/04/2002

    Probably a lot of you have heard about the street underneath Neville Street. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on it. When was the Old Neville Street built over? Why exactly did they build over (heard it was something to do with the sea), Why do they not open it up as a tourist...

    • 202
    30/10/2014 03:50 PM
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  33. St Simons Cricket Team, Late 1950s
    Started by TomofShank 27/01/2014

    With any luck, I've attached a photograph. Have I got the names right? Charlie Moore, Stan Rimmer, Bill Cooke, Jack Howard, Max Davies, Tom Wright, Brian Lee. Keith Mason, Paul Goldstraw, Frank Simm, John Fairhurst (captain) Rev. Jim Hamilton, Joe Porter, Norman Wright. Dennis Hall (scorer)

    • 14
    28/10/2014 08:39 AM
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  34. It was just after 12 noon on Saturday 25th of October 2014 that we arrived at Segar’s farm just off the coast road at Ainsdale to meet Mrs Joan Braid, now in her 80s, brought up on the farm and still living there, the only surviving witness to the disastrous B 24H Liberator crash which occurred on...

    • 3
    28/10/2014 12:11 AM
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  35. Mick Aspinall / High Park
    Started by onthespot 24/01/2002

    Anybody remember this man from High Park-Mick Aspinall ,his father Tommy Aspinall delivered coal to most houses in the High Park area during the 60's.

    • 4
    26/10/2014 02:27 PM
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  36. Cracking link for old Southport photo's
    Started by Delbertious 14/10/2014

    Some cracking old photo's of Southport dating from the late 1800's. ocations/southport/photos

    • 1
    17/10/2014 09:29 AM
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86 Rowan Drive, Westvale, kirby, L32 0SH
Lead replacement, external watermains. For a better quality water supply & pressure. Trenchless installation, and moaling rquired. For more info & free quotes call - Bernard on - 07930698917.
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150 Cambridge Road, Churchtown , Southport , PR9 7LW
Johnsons Churchtown Ltd is a garage established in 1898. Mot only - £25
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WACA Recreation Center, Orchard Lane, Ainsdale, PR8 3RG
A family friendly karate club based in the heart of Southport that offers affordable lessons with a highly trained instructor with 23 years teaching experience. Classes cater to ages 4 right through to adults (Ladies only classes also available)
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