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  1. Southport lost its identity
    Started by steve 24/11/2014

    Came into southport yesterday for some shopping with the lady. Parked on Eastbank St and was around Chapel St. We both remarked that there were more foreigners speaking other languages than English. It was a fact. No issues but how the town has changed.

    • 1
    24/11/2014 12:47 AM
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  2. dog owners question
    Started by nightbird 23/11/2014

    Does anybody know of any eating places i.e pubs or cafes that allow you to take your dog in with you?

    • 40
    24/11/2014 12:44 AM
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  3. In support of Cameron
    Started by silver fox 23/11/2014

    Came across this on another forum, seems our beloved Prime Minister is not much better appreciated in London than in the North. A public servant, on his way home from work in London traffic came to a dead halt and thought to himself, "This is unusual." He noticed a police officer...

    • 7
    24/11/2014 12:38 AM
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  4. Mortality rates - Surgeons
    Started by pedoja 23/11/2014

    There is a debate, at the moment, on TV about the mortality rates of surgeons patients. What do you feel about this? Would you like to know, IF you were due to have an operation? Would you even be given a choice of surgeon if you needed an operation?

    • 14
    24/11/2014 12:28 AM
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  5. House mate required
    Started by passionflower 23/11/2014

    House mate required preferably female working - No pets allowed. All bills included from January £110.00 Deposit required PM pls

    • 4
    24/11/2014 12:12 AM
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  6. Instrumental songs or songs with great instrumental interludes
    Started by hettyketty 22/11/2014

    Here is one of each type I really like, add your own:)....

    • 22
    24/11/2014 12:08 AM
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  7. Life on the Dole,starts again on wednesday.
    Started by whiplash 23/11/2014

    Benefits Britain,back to Liverpool. Sorry but when I was out of work 2012-2013 I went out of my way to apply for everything going. Three of the women on this "show" where on the job training course I was on.Sometimes they turned up for it sometimes not,cos they where stoned the night before. OMG...

    • 3
    23/11/2014 11:53 PM
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  8. Coast road pedestrian route wrongly labeled as cycle path.
    Started by d-dan 23/11/2014

    Low turn out today, of the 6 cyclists observed only 1 used that vacant lane between Birkdale and Woodvale. Good on those 5!

    • 14
    23/11/2014 11:52 PM
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  9. FOOTBALL - back by public demand 2014 -15 season - QLOCAL official football thread
    Started by theantiquesman 11/08/2014

    :dFOOTBALL - back by public demand 2014 -15 season - QLOCAL official football thread:d Banter, humor, fact and knowledge and lets have no miss spelling of Liverpool, lets keep it a fun thread so may be, we may attract some of the football celebrities now they have more time on their hands;)...

    • 152
    23/11/2014 11:30 PM
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  10. Word Association
    Started by clyde bank 27/05/2010

    I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a game. I fancied word association. I'll give a word and the next person adds a word they associate with the one I've given and each person adds another word they asociate with the last So my word is Book :)

    23/11/2014 11:10 PM
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  11. Recommendations for getting car paintwork fixed?
    Started by madnorm 23/11/2014

    Hello, I parked down Westcliffe Road in town today (Sun 23/11) at 11am and when I got back to my car at 12.40pm some absolute **** had took a key to the passenger side of my car, scratching up and down the passenger door, back door, back panel and even to the bumper. I looked at a few cars in...

    • 1
    23/11/2014 11:01 PM
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  12. The three word game ..
    Started by SeloChovek 14/07/2010

    Not a new invention, but something which might amuse as a development of the hugely popular Word Association thread .. YOU MUST ONLY use THREE words including the fillers - eg: in, on, at, us, and, but etc. Let's see where the story goes ... but beware, if it gets too rude (and it might) the...

    23/11/2014 10:24 PM
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  13. Is anyone looking for a term time only job
    Started by pepsi 21/11/2014

    Job vacancy for cashier / counter assistant Must be able to use a till Monday - Friday , term time only 10am - 2-30 pm

    • 3
    23/11/2014 10:16 PM
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  14. Tap & Bottles
    Started by Idiotic 23/11/2014

    Just want to say what a great little bar the Tap and Bottles is down Cambridge Arcade , great selection of bottled beer and some splendid draught cask ales and lagers/pils, well worth a visit if you're in town and thirsty:cool:

    • 0
    23/11/2014 10:07 PM
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  15. Clothing repairs
    Started by Ralphy Rylance 23/11/2014

    Does anyone know of anywhere in Southport or nearby that would be able to replace press studs on a coat? I've tried Sewing Queen in Wesley Street but she doesn't have the necessary equipment and Zips and Snips no longer do repairs? Any alternative suggestions or recommendations?

    • 2
    23/11/2014 09:53 PM
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  16. Christmas light switch on
    Started by Desertboots 22/11/2014

    Well it looks as though it has been a huge success Plenty of people there to watch and a great show. Maybe next year the bid team will consult with the couple of posters on here who moaned about Lord Street being partially closed. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    • 6
    23/11/2014 09:45 PM
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  17. local's going loco
    Started by prasnee 22/11/2014

    I've started this thread as local keeps on taking over other threads making various claims about the UK economy that he has difficulty supporting. A variety of posters have understandably complained about this hijacking, so it seemed sensible to divert this economic debate here. Anyway, in...

    • 16
    23/11/2014 08:30 PM
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  18. 1 bedroom s/c flat to let
    Started by sasha08 23/11/2014

    1 bedroom self contained flat to let. Own entry, off street parking, near town centre. All bills included except electric. £105.00 per week. Sorry no Dhss or pets. Telephone 07970 820912

    • 0
    23/11/2014 08:17 PM
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  19. Thumbs up Chess yes
    Started by Derek H 23/11/2014

    Magnus Carlsen defends his title as world champion in chess! Congratulations to Norway. A tiny but big country as far as chess goes!

    • 4
    23/11/2014 07:29 PM
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  20. Sir Dave Whelan
    Started by grassroots 21/11/2014

    The owner of Wigan Athletic FC has been accused of anti semitism for saying the Jews chase money. Is this really an Anti Semitic statement, I ask because I don't think it is , throughout history the Jewish race have been proud of thier ability to make money, some of the wealthiest people who ever...

    • 56
    23/11/2014 07:25 PM
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  21. So is that it for Lib Dems?
    Started by testforecho 21/11/2014

    Any way forward now?

    • 25
    23/11/2014 07:03 PM
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  22. Chip Shop, corner of Kew Road and Guildford rd
    Started by madmike 21/11/2014

    What has happened ? First it was newly opened and now its all boarded up...have the chip shop mafia attacked it ?

    • 21
    23/11/2014 06:39 PM
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  23. New Blog
    Started by seringapatam 23/11/2014 me There it is folks. The record smashing Blog....

    • 0
    23/11/2014 05:48 PM
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  24. The FIVE Word Game
    Started by lad1234 17/09/2013

    :dlike the 3 word game:d but you get to use 5 words So I will start it was a rainy day

    23/11/2014 05:42 PM
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  25. Lights switch on fiasco
    Started by libraryguy 22/11/2014

    Was driving in town about 8:30am trying to get to Sainsburys, only to find diversions with Lord Street closed and a huge wagon with a stage and screen parked in the middle of the road. All traffic was sent along the Promenade. I thought when they said there'd be a stage outside the Scarisbrick...

    • 49
    23/11/2014 05:17 PM
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  26. Ao
    Started by pedoja 17/11/2014

    Has anyone used AO for buying inbuilt Cookers and induction hobs?

    • 21
    23/11/2014 04:07 PM
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  27. spammers
    Started by CYRIL SNODGRASS 23/11/2014

    never seen so much on here who has opened the door to these morons? protection of the forum like post approval is needed methinks

    • 1
    23/11/2014 12:48 PM
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  28. Have we caught spam ?
    Started by local 23/11/2014

    We seem to have a dose of spam, when will the electronic antibiotics kick in ?

    • 8
    23/11/2014 12:02 PM
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  29. Estate Agents
    Started by testforecho 22/11/2014

    Recently had to sell a property, as the executor of an estate, now looking to sell another. Not been impressed in my dealings with any of our local agents, well at least the ones I have dealt with. Has anyone any recommendations? Are the on-line ones as good or better?

    • 3
    23/11/2014 12:00 PM
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  30. Rossi's on Lord Street
    Started by Ruler!1 17/11/2014

    Anyone else notice that their outside display has expanded ? Do they have planning permission to put stuff outside ?

    • 48
    23/11/2014 09:45 AM
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  31. old cars that you have driven or owned and a bit of a story.
    Started by BOOTLE BILL 16/11/2014

    Vauxhall Victor after passing my test in the 60' The first car I drove after passing was a pale blue Victor with a shift stick on the steering column. and the first destination was to drive through the Old Mersey Tunnel to Wallasey. I remember stopping at the Wallasey turn off traffic lights in...

    • 45
    23/11/2014 08:00 AM
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  32. Funny songs, funny song titles
    Started by hettyketty 22/11/2014

    • 0
    22/11/2014 10:13 PM
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  33. Damp proofing
    Started by testforecho 20/11/2014

    Any recommendations for a damp proof course fitter in Southport?

    • 17
    22/11/2014 09:59 PM
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  34. The World's Worst Steak Pudding
    Started by cool44 21/11/2014

    I purchased two today at around 12.30pm, ffrom the Fylde Fish Bar, the one my wife had was fine, but mine was burnt! I kid you not, it was very brown on the outside, and stodgy inside due to the lack of gravy. I had one taste, it was awful. An hour later I rang to complain. Asked to speak to...

    • 17
    22/11/2014 05:40 PM
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  35. funny people
    Started by BOOTLE BILL 21/11/2014

    Arthur Askey p?sourceid=chrome-instant& ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8# q=arthur%20askey%20busy%20bee lets see how many people you can list who are funny.

    • 16
    22/11/2014 05:30 PM
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  36. Southports Best Pie
    Started by local 19/11/2014

    I have had the worst now where can I find the best ?

    • 29
    22/11/2014 04:59 PM
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