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  1. In support of Cameron
    Started by silver fox 23/11/2014

    Came across this on another forum, seems our beloved Prime Minister is not much better appreciated in London than in the North. A public servant, on his way home from work in London traffic came to a dead halt and thought to himself, "This is unusual." He noticed a police officer...

    • 29
    27/11/2014 01:31 PM
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  2. Who are the candidates for the main parties in Southport?
    Started by Bertiebuttons 27/11/2014

    Does anyone know, apart from Liz Savage for Labour and John Pugh for Lib Dem, who the others are?

    • 10
    27/11/2014 01:28 PM
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  3. Tragic News
    Started by grassroots 27/11/2014

    The Australian cricketer Phil Hughes has passed away, he was seriously injured a few days ago playing the game he loved . RIP.

    • 2
    27/11/2014 01:16 PM
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  4. Word Association
    Started by clyde bank 27/05/2010

    I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a game. I fancied word association. I'll give a word and the next person adds a word they associate with the one I've given and each person adds another word they asociate with the last So my word is Book :)

    27/11/2014 01:01 PM
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  5. The three word game ..
    Started by SeloChovek 14/07/2010

    Not a new invention, but something which might amuse as a development of the hugely popular Word Association thread .. YOU MUST ONLY use THREE words including the fillers - eg: in, on, at, us, and, but etc. Let's see where the story goes ... but beware, if it gets too rude (and it might) the...

    27/11/2014 12:59 PM
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  6. The FIVE Word Game
    Started by lad1234 17/09/2013

    :dlike the 3 word game:d but you get to use 5 words So I will start it was a rainy day

    27/11/2014 12:58 PM
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  7. Has anybody lost a goldfish - its in my toilet!
    Started by *concerned* 26/11/2014

    Somebody in Southport must have flushed their goldfish down the toilet by accident, and its re-appeared in mine. PM for details to arrange collection, but please be quick, as I will need to do a number 2 first thing in the morning

    • 8
    27/11/2014 11:42 AM
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  8. Extreem Measures
    Started by grassroots 24/11/2014

    The Home Secretary has today announced new measures to combat terrorism from within. I personally think these measures are necessary as we live in a changing world. The threat from within the UK and from abroad is very evident, and the government IMO is right to take these extreem measures. We...

    • 19
    27/11/2014 11:24 AM
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  9. More Lib Dum Hypocrisy
    Started by local 26/11/2014

    Through the letterbox a Southport Focus from the Dums. SAVE OUR SERVICE the headline story complaining that Labour is cutting Police stations. Yet the cuts are a direct result of their policy of supporting the Conservatives spending plans. What cuts do they expect the police to make, wear...

    • 27
    27/11/2014 11:23 AM
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  10. Instrumental songs or songs with great instrumental interludes
    Started by hettyketty 22/11/2014

    Here is one of each type I really like, add your own:)....

    • 25
    27/11/2014 10:04 AM
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  11. Music Singles, do they still exist?
    Started by Kafoozalum 25/11/2014

    I was reading the Band Aid single thread and it left me wondering do singles still physically exist or are they all downloads? I haven't bought a single since the seventies, any CD's that I have bought are usually direct from the artist at performances (folk). Personally I would never buy a...

    • 9
    27/11/2014 10:04 AM
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  12. So is that it for Lib Dems?
    Started by testforecho 21/11/2014

    Any way forward now?

    • 27
    27/11/2014 09:52 AM
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  13. Apple wireless keyboard Q
    Started by Kritou 26/11/2014

    Just bought a used Apple wireless keyboard (a1314 model) from a private seller to use with my iPad3. Sadly it seems to be a US model with no Pound Sterling symbol Can it be re-programmed?

    • 1
    27/11/2014 09:41 AM
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  14. Train travel disrupton to London - including Xmas & Feb half term weekends.
    Started by chirpy cockney 27/11/2014

    Thought it worth drawing this to the attention of anyone who might be planning to travel into or out of London by train on 14th - 16th or 21st - 23rd of February 2015 (half terms weekends) or over the coming Christmas period: /service_disruptions/71618.asp x Not...

    • 0
    27/11/2014 08:39 AM
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  15. Holy War....... let us declare HOLY PEACE
    Started by BOOTLE BILL 25/11/2014

    The people of Britain should declare Holy Peace. that will will put the **** up the holy war brigade. The Salvation Army would be a good group of people to walk behind as we tackle the problem. Just imagine if the Salvation Army walked playing their musical instruments down Shakespeare...

    • 7
    27/11/2014 02:16 AM
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  16. Using Meols Cop Train Station & Tickets ??
    Started by Me2 25/11/2014

    Hi All, Does anyone use Meols Cop train station? I was wondering how you purchase a ticket if there are no machines on the platform? Can you buy at the other end when you depart at Deansgate? Don't want to be accused of trying to dodge the fare Thanks

    • 9
    27/11/2014 01:37 AM
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  17. Emergency vet needed now - please help!!
    Started by Yakka16 26/11/2014

    I am beside myself. My gold-fish is just swimming around in a circle and has been doing so now for a least 5 hours... I need a vet urgently. This behaviour is very upsetting and must be really disorientating poor Bernard. Please help!!! :( ;(

    • 7
    27/11/2014 12:58 AM
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  18. Power cuts
    Started by username2 27/11/2014

    Anyone else get a power cut tonight? I lost power on Eastbourne road for around an hour tonight. After calling my supplier, the number they gave me (which ended up being the gas board), the North west power board, finally Scottish power board... I was told to wait for up to 4 hours for an...

    • 0
    27/11/2014 12:09 AM
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  19. Coast road pedestrian route wrongly labeled as cycle path.
    Started by d-dan 23/11/2014

    Low turn out today, of the 6 cyclists observed only 1 used that vacant lane between Birkdale and Woodvale. Good on those 5!

    • 52
    26/11/2014 11:14 PM
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  20. Its nearly that time of the year again !
    Started by *concerned* 26/11/2014

    Whilst shepherds washed their socks by night All seated round a tub An Angel of the Lord came down And gave them all a scrub :p:p:p

    • 5
    26/11/2014 07:35 PM
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  21. Funny songs, funny song titles
    Started by hettyketty 22/11/2014

    • 7
    26/11/2014 07:35 PM
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  22. 25 vital cancer drugs deemed 'too expensive
    Started by DEBSTEPH 26/11/2014

    I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, like a lot of women each day, and some of these drugs you intend to withdraw are needed by us. They say they give us 4.5 months extra time: well that is wrong. People are lasting a lot longer - not months but years. Why should we be told no? If...

    • 6
    26/11/2014 07:18 PM
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  23. B5195 road works
    Started by Knot wright 04/11/2014

    Just a few pictures of the B5195 roadworks that have just started , looks like a bridge under the road is being replaced ......

    • 12
    26/11/2014 07:16 PM
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  24. Chugger learning dissabilty man thread...
    Started by p.ron 26/11/2014

    Sorry I had to re boot my comp and have noticed that my thread isnt there. I hadnt gone back to the forum menu again so I dont know if I posted it or it has been deleted. It was myself taking the video, so I dont think it falls foul of any laws, and it was taken in public. In case I dont post...

    • 1
    26/11/2014 05:32 PM
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  25. dog owners question
    Started by nightbird 23/11/2014

    Does anybody know of any eating places i.e pubs or cafes that allow you to take your dog in with you?

    • 76
    26/11/2014 12:40 PM
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  26. Southport lost its identity
    Started by steve 24/11/2014

    Came into southport yesterday for some shopping with the lady. Parked on Eastbank St and was around Chapel St. We both remarked that there were more foreigners speaking other languages than English. It was a fact. No issues but how the town has changed.

    • 25
    26/11/2014 10:33 AM
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  27. Malcolm Porter's Golf & Snooker Presentation Night
    Started by blackys dad 25/11/2014

    St Teresa's Club Friday 28th November at 8:00pm Prize draw 6 lesson's at Formby Golf Centre Bottle Draw Quiz for cash prizes Karaoke/Disco/Buffet In Memory of Malcolm Porter, all proceeds go to Queens Court Hospice

    • 3
    26/11/2014 09:48 AM
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  28. The China Restaurant on Eastbank St,,
    Started by whiplash 24/11/2014

    Is looking a bit glitzy,will it be a buffet style eatery? Does anyone know when it will open?

    • 10
    25/11/2014 11:33 PM
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  29. Electric motor repars
    Started by 2STEPS-IN-FRONT 24/11/2014

    Can anyone recommend someone for a repair on a small dc fan motor 24volts, I think the bearing has gone and looking for repair specialists ? Thanks .

    • 15
    25/11/2014 11:02 PM
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  30. New E-book release 5th December 2014
    Started by seringapatam 25/11/2014

    Exciting news. announces the release of my new E-books Friday 5th December. Volume 1 Not my Fatherís Apprentice. A fantastic opening price for a limited period. 0.99p Volume II Surrogate Fathers. £1.99 Available on Amazon or

    • 0
    25/11/2014 08:33 PM
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  31. Sgh
    Started by grassroots 24/11/2014

    Had to go to A&E this afternoon, to have my shoulder examined . I arrived at 3-10 pm , by 4-30 I had been assessed, examined , blood taken , x rayed, an ECG had been done, having been diagnosed with damage to soft tissue I was at the hospital pharmacy getting my prescription at 5-20 pm .Fantastic...

    • 4
    25/11/2014 07:23 PM
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  32. Car central locking advice please
    Started by hettyketty 24/11/2014

    My drivers door lock on my Astra has gone faulty. Won't unlock using the fob, all the other doors do. I can just hear the mechanics spinning but doing nothing. It opens from the inside when I pull the door lever but not from the outside. Can you recommend a mechanic, I think it needs a new lock...

    • 9
    25/11/2014 06:43 PM
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  33. Arriva bus service, southport to ormskirk
    Started by Toews 24/11/2014

    Could somebody please tell me how much a return Southport to ormskirk bus fare is? I appreciate arriva have a website but I have had problems loading it this evening, Thanks in advance :)

    • 6
    25/11/2014 06:15 PM
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  34. House mate required
    Started by passionflower 23/11/2014

    House mate required preferably female working - No pets allowed. All bills included from January £110.00 Deposit required PM pls

    • 8
    25/11/2014 03:41 PM
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  35. Sefton looking at turning street lighting off at 8pm till 6am!
    Started by Delbertious 24/11/2014

    Street lights in residential areas in Southport and across Sefton could be switched off between 8pm and 6am, under the latest proposals by Sefton Council to cut its budget. Every other light on main roads could also be switched off to save cash!!! What a dangerous idea!!

    • 22
    25/11/2014 03:20 PM
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  36. funny people
    Started by BOOTLE BILL 21/11/2014

    Arthur Askey p?sourceid=chrome-instant& ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8# q=arthur%20askey%20busy%20bee lets see how many people you can list who are funny.

    • 25
    25/11/2014 01:28 PM
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