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Southport - Crime Reports

Details of crime in this area. Court Reports, up to date Police Crime Map and statistics, and Report Your Own Crime experiences.

Please report your own victim of crime experiences, where possible state the location e.g. street, type of crime, whether police notified etc.. DO NOT NAME PEOPLES NAMES

CRIME IN YOUR AREA - Simply visit and enter your POST-CODE or town or village to checkout the latest crime statistics in your area. Crimes are shown on a MAP, even down to street level, and are categorised by the type of crime such as: Burglary, Anti-social Behaviour, Robbery, Vehicle Crime, Violent Crime, Public Disorder and Weapons, Shoplifting, Criminal Damage and Arson, Other Theft, Drugs, Other Crime.

Court Reports are also updated regularly to

Important Notices

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  1. Bike was locked against thevbike stand near air machine and left only for approx 7 minutes whilst in the store. Trek4300 with luggage carrier and other accessories, main colour is grey with red stickers and black wheels with suspension and disc brakes. This was stolen between 9.35pm and 9.45pm

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    27/07/2016 10:01 AM
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    17/06/2016 01:38 AM
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  3. 2 stolen motocross motorbikes railway street please help!!
    Started by karen88 01/04/2016

    On the 31/03/16 between 8pm and 9:40pm. Two crossers off road bikes were stolen from a locked shed in the back garden in railway street. One was a bright yellow gasgas 300cc the other was a green kawasaki 80cc with a purple seat and monster energy stickers. They are two stroke engine and very...

    • 1
    01/04/2016 04:06 PM
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  4. severe car damage
    Started by doral34 29/04/2014

    28 April between 1230 hours and 1615. Silver grey Honda jazz parked on bankfield lane near to Botanic Gardens bowling green entrance. Passing vehicle crashed into jazz and did not stop. Jazz passenger front and side badly damaged. offending vehicle must have also been badly damaged. If you...

    • 0
    29/04/2014 10:45 AM
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  5. Does anyone know of two middle aged women who between them own or look after 3 Sheba Inu dogs? (Small inuit dogs-See picture) Two are light coloured the third is black with white and tan markings. One of them has just attacked our Bronson in Victoria Park. It was totally unprovoked, the dog...

    • 1
    26/03/2014 09:25 PM
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  6. Mobile Phone Thief on the Loose
    Started by SAN 23/12/2013

    My iPhone was stolen out of my bag (which was on my shoulder) on Saturday night, in Kahiki Bar, Southport. Three other mobile phones went missing that night as well. This is more of a warning to be extra vigilant about your personal belongings around the festive period. Places are more crowded and...

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    23/12/2013 11:04 AM
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  7. Stolen bike! Locked up outside homebase kew
    Started by coniston 11/12/2013


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    11/12/2013 06:57 PM
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  8. Ladies bicycle stolen
    Started by chalky 14/11/2013

    Silver Ridgeback Motion ladies bicycle stolen from Lyndhurst Road Birkdale. If you have seen it, please contact me. Beware that as it is this time of year, theives are on the look out for easy pickings. Lock sheds, garages and any out houses securely day and night!

    • 0
    14/11/2013 01:43 PM
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  9. Rare Trek Mountain Bike Stolen
    Started by Clannagh 23/09/2013

    Here we go again... This time our bike was stolen from home. (last was my sons locked up outside Primark a few months ago) This is a very rare retro Trek only a few of this specification ever made it into the UK Stolen From Ash Street Please call Craig 07734 154268 or reply here. It has...

    • 1
    03/10/2013 01:03 PM
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  10. stolen bike
    Started by stev39 30/09/2013

    Bike taken from birkdale Park nursing home on 25/09/2013 time 15.50 this this person was caught on CCTV police were inform it not let me upload the pictures

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    30/09/2013 10:15 AM
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  11. lots of police on moss lane
    Started by dodgems are fun 24/09/2013

    lots of police on moss lane today don't know what was going on plenty police and vehicles

    • 0
    24/09/2013 11:59 PM
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  12. someone investigate? get it known and find the person many missing cats nowadays

    • 0
    17/07/2013 08:46 PM
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  13. Breaking & Entering is apparently NOT a crime anymore...
    Started by Jouillat 21/11/2012

    At 2.30 am on Tuesday night a white male entered our flat from an unlocked back door. To get to this door he has scaled a fence and a wall. He entered the flat walked round, turned on the kichen light then came into the bedroom and stood over us shouting 'Your Weird'.. He then legged it out of...

    • 4
    23/06/2013 05:31 PM
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  14. Bike stolen on chapel street nr HMV
    Started by Clannagh 19/04/2013

    Hi all my son locked his bike up to the cycle rails outside HMV this evening 19.4 at approx 4pm when he came back at 4.30 the lock had been cut and bike stolen a second bike (his brothers) was left. The bike is two months old bought for his birthday very distinctive black XC.26 logo and large...

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    19/04/2013 08:36 PM
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  15. Neighbours from Hell!
    Started by desiree111 06/12/2012

    Recently had to deal with such neighbours. Threatening behaviour, abuse, loud music, obscene language, huge amount of rotting rubbish! First requested politely for them to calm it down. Repeated this about three times. During which time discovered that we were not the only ones targeted. ...

    • 2
    24/03/2013 11:36 AM
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  16. I couldnt believe it!!!!
    Started by cagsy007 29/08/2012

    I was there quite innocently looking at the meat balls in Sainsburys and 2 reprobates (scruffy looking people) were next to me sizing up the Sainsburys (taste the difference) beef joints. I then heard a tearing noise and could not believe that they were tearing off the security tags!!!! I then...

    • 33
    11/12/2012 11:23 PM
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  17. Burgled last night Chester Ave
    Started by xxxBeauxxx 18/10/2012

    My Parents were robbed last night . Anyone round the chester avenue area please beware. They came in through the back door. Taken bits and pieces, they are still looking at whats been taken. ipad, laptop , Volvo car keys (not car) and they also tried to make of with the coats/clothes on end of...

    • 8
    23/11/2012 02:37 PM
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  18. Birkdale Burglary
    Started by desiree111 15/10/2012

    Here we go again! Will everyone in the Birkdale area take great care, ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked if possible, check on outbuildings, check on neighbours properties if they are away and report anything suspicious. There have been a number of Burglaries in the area over the...

    • 6
    31/10/2012 12:29 AM
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  19. Formby burglary appeal 12th Oct 2012
    Started by editor 17/10/2012

    Merseyside Police is appealing for information following a burglary in Formby on Friday, 12 October during which a distinctive item was stolen. It is believed the property on Duke Street was burgled in the early hours of Friday morning. A number of items were taken from the property including a...

    • 0
    17/10/2012 05:34 PM
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  20. Witness appeal 2011 car crash costal road near plough roundabout
    Started by DanTaylor12 15/10/2012

    March 2011 i had a crash near the plough round about down the coastal road. The car was a blue mini cooper & a young girl and boy present. If anybody was there on the scene can they get in touch via pm asap thank you

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    15/10/2012 05:29 PM
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  21. white WHYTE bike stolen in broad daylight
    Started by anthonym56 10/10/2012

    Tuesday 9th October, 15.15, Eastbank Street outside the PIZZA and KEBABS shop opposite Lancashire Bathrooms. The push bike was secured with a bright blue combination cable padlock to a designated Southport Bicycle parking frame. The street CCTV and the Pizza shop CCTV will show the perpetrator....

    • 0
    10/10/2012 12:24 AM
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  22. Suitcase stolen
    Started by Linda R 08/10/2012

    Hi sorry about this but as a long shot I thought I would post, I had my suitcase stolen whilst waiting for my taxi today, in it is my ipad3 wifi 32gb and a nikon camera, lots of personal stuff and I am really upset about it. Cancelled the few days away, if anyone hears of these things being offered...

    • 4
    08/10/2012 08:02 PM
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  23. Red Vauxhall Vectra YC 06 ???
    Started by Example 30/09/2012

    Parked outside KFC getting some food and someone hit the back of my car and drove off. Red Vectra plate something like YC 06 ??? Anyone have any info on this? P.S. if this was you, police will be knocking on your door so I advise you hand yourself in.

    • 25
    03/10/2012 12:50 PM
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  24. A warning for All
    Started by Cooperman1969 28/08/2012

    Woke up on Thursday morning to find my car had gone off the driveway, went downstairs to call the police and realised that they had been in the house and took phones laptops cameras car keys for both cars etc. They filled my boot and drove off. If it wasn't for a sharp eyed lady who spotted a...

    • 23
    29/08/2012 01:08 PM
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  25. I was robbed last night, I need you all to keep an eye out for my stuff please...
    Started by mattee1970 02/06/2012

    1am four fellas came in through my back door, we had a bit of a scuffle and then they smashed the place up a bit and stole my nikon d300 and all my lenses, my iphone, a laptop, 2 camera bags, a heavy manfrotto tripod, gold keepers rings and a gold ring with a garnet, know anyone selling these...

    • 129
    16/08/2012 02:18 PM
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  26. Charity collection van stolen
    Started by boyboy 07/08/2012

    Streets Ahead supporting Alder Hey children's Hospital which is located on Eastbank Street had their collection/delivery vehicle stolen in the early hours of Monday morning. How sad has society become :(

    • 12
    09/08/2012 10:59 AM
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  27. Bike thieves in ainsdale?
    Started by waptap 28/07/2012

    Hi just wondering if anyone in Ainsdale has had there bike stolen in the past two weeks? my 5yr olds bike went last Thursday afternoon from our front garden.The bike was not on show but behind my husbands car so whoever took it has had to walk up the path to see it. Then on Saturday my eldest son...

    • 7
    28/07/2012 09:58 PM
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  28. Sorry I've not been online.. Home ransacked last weekend.
    Started by KissThis 02/07/2012

    Sorry I havent been online, have spent the last 9 days trying to make my home feel like 'mine' again after a horrible experiance last weekend end. Came home after having a drink with a friend to find my lovely home upside down, a total and utter mess. Not just that, but one of my rabbits, Cuthbert...

    • 40
    04/07/2012 12:45 AM
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  29. Lock up ya doors
    Started by rys 25/06/2012


    • 57
    01/07/2012 08:07 PM
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  30. Possible Stolen Van (Found!)
    Started by PaperChase 14/06/2012

    I've noticed this white van (Reg: V666) poorly parked near to where I live. I first noticed it on Mon 11/6/12 and it's been there ever since. It has a copy of the Sun newspaper on the dash which hasn't moved. It stood out as I first drove past it and my immediate thought was its owner was at...

    • 7
    14/06/2012 04:22 PM
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  31. Stolen van.
    Started by brewyn 15/05/2012

    white pegeot boxer, long wheel base, converted campervan, had my 8 year old's new bike, all my fishing gear, small blue generator, and even my works uniform. To whom ever stole it, i hope every ounce of misfortune falls on you!! Stolen from highpark.. Oh and if that's not bad enough, the...

    • 20
    19/05/2012 03:41 PM
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  32. 2 x Motorcross bikes stolen last night
    Started by dennisa 09/05/2012

    2 motorbikes stolen last night linaker street. 1 is a green Kawasaki 80 Kx motorcross bike.The other is a Kawasatti 50 pit bike. Any one offered these please ring 07970448261 in confidence. reward offered. Will load up photos later.Have the people on over roads cctv thank you.

    • 16
    16/05/2012 01:03 PM
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  33. Thefts in Southport
    Started by desiree111 10/05/2012

    Yes, it is confirmed, they are back. As far as I have been able to tell, this is the same group that was here about four or so years ago. Most people carry mobile phones with an integrated camera - use these to take photographs of anyone strange to your area - you never know when it could come in...

    • 21
    12/05/2012 12:04 AM
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